The purpose of HealthJox is to create awareness so we can begin the conversation regarding health & wellness and the need to rebuild relationships in the community. We are determined to impact our communities in a way where we actually improve their quality of life. We believe that it all begins with a conversation and we know that music and sports are great vehicles to bring people together. Our mission is to ultimately establish locations where the community can attend and be active through sports and healthy living training throughout the year, hence establishing and supporting healthier lifestyles for our families and our communities as a whole.

Our mission is to support our Communities in America with activities, information and services so they can experience healthy lifestyles in healthy environments throughout their life. We will accomplish this while creating an atmosphere of family-fun and excitement, as we dispense information about deadly diseases and healthy activities that will improve quality of life in our community.

On August 25, 2018, Concert Curators launched their annual community-based, Health & Wellness Festival called HealthJox Festival at Kaiser Park, (located on Neptune Avenue from West 25th st. - West 31st. The main entrance is on West 29th st., Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York.).  Powered by One Breath Academy and the Coney Island Community Council NYC (our 501c3), we offered the opportunity for health-based vendors to showcase their services and share important information to our Community.  We also gave the Participants the opportunity to participate in athletic activities during our basketball, track, soccer, airodart and tennis clinics. Event goers also enjoyed competitive basketball games and live performances by local  Artists performing on the HealthJox Stage!



Founder of HealthJox, Creative's Cartel and the #MentalHealthInitiative campaign, Dewry Bradford forges strategic partnerships with community organizations, politicians, athletes, celebrities and brands to improve the health-state of Communities in New York City beginning with the borough of Brooklyn. With a staff of passionate members, he stops at nothing to push forward the agenda to address and eradicate the mental health issues that plague our Communities.

From 1999 - 2005, as a Designer and eventually Creative Director in the Fashion Industry, Dewry designed full collections for Celebrities and Brands in the marketplace such as Sean John, Phat Farm, Chinese Laundry, Outkast, Rocawear, Def Jam University, Timberland, Bad Boy Athletics, etc.  He created everything from graphics and garment construction to procuring factories in China, Hong Kong, Philippines and South Korea during his career.  Then in 2005, he launched his design consulting firm called "ASQUI Ventures" which he positioned to manage stylists, designers, graphic designers and acquire design accounts.  During that time he forged contracts with Steve Madden Outerwear, Black Bean Sauce, Puma, Head, And 1, K1X, Protege', Michael Vick, Phat Farm Outerwear, G-Unit Outerwear, Ecko Outerwear, Ecko International, One Wonder Cycling, UFC to name a few.

With the desire to get more into Community affairs, he increased his involvement in his church, becoming a missionary and traveling with his Church's Missions Group to Haiti, Antigua, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Antigua.  During his travels to Antigua, his Missionary Bishop created a gospel concert called "Prayer Jam" which produced a total of 6-concerts consistently from 2004 - 2019.  The issues surrounding the Corona Virus stopped TTN from producing their 7th year in the Caribbean and also launching Prayer Jam in Brooklyn, NY for the first time during the HealthJox Festival - 2020.  Having said that, HealthJox will launch Prayer Jam as the concert portion of the Summer 2021 HealthJox Festival.  This year, we are producing out fist virtual HealthJox Festival... we are very EXCITED!




Naomi Stewart is a business professional who brings a lot of experience to the table from coordinating teams within the fashion industry to establishing digital platforms in fashion media.  She embarks upon a new initiative that is dear to her heart which is the Mental Health Initiative.  As the Creative Director, she channels her understanding of systems to orchestrate the flow of show during the Zoom Town-hall Presentation. 



Kevin Logan is the former Crowd Coordinator for BET 106 & Park.  He now brings his relationships and expertise to the HealthJox Team through strategic alliances.  This is the reason everyone in the Industry calls him "Kev-Konnect".



Business professional with over 25 years experience in strategic planning, management and product development.