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New Program


HealthJox LLC is a creative company focused on improving the health & wellness of NYC’s underserved Community through healthy activities; sports; the arts; and life-changing programs for the Youth under the "Pursuing Purpose Program". This year we are launching our 2-year fashion incubator program that provides Youth with the tools to explore and enter the Fashion Industry while becoming great candidates for fashion colleges and companies. 


By 2025, the global clothing market project to grow to $2.25 trillion.  The clothing industry holds the first position in e-commerce sales globally, (According to Gitnux). 



Our mission is to position our Youth to become major players in the Fashion Industry while creating fashionable products made with sustainable materials that reduces the carbon footprint on the earth.  We will have our Youth work with New York-based manufacturing networks to produce our products locally.  The plan is to have the dollar rotate within the Community several times before exiting. 


Using masters in their respective fields, Pursuing Purpose Program will be multi-phased and consist of 12-hours of learning per week + workshop time.  This curriculum will begin with Self-Discovery training in each session to retrain their mind to effectively receive and process information given to them.  


Youth will be taught the fundamentals of design by creating collections under the 2-fashion brands that we own: HealthJox & CorDuRoi.  We will teach them how to produce fashion shows to market their designs.  They will develop the skills to produce music with state-of-the-art equipment.  Finally, they will learn how to produce a successful podcast from the ground-up. 


Youth will be paid a stipend as they learn; once products are sent to market, Youth will receive a percentage of sales for items they design; Youth will get points for music they produce; Youth will gain followship from the podcasts they produce.

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