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Beginning in 2021, HealthJox Summer Blocks is a street health fair where attendees enjoy inflatable rides, Basketball & AirOdart drills, clown show, snow-cones, medical services, NYPD, FDNY vendors, and live performances.  So far, we've produced this event in Brownsville, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Park Slope.  We choose a different neighborhood each year.

COney Island Thunder Championship Locker
HealthJox Park Cleaning.jpg



HealthJox Summer Blocks takes our work directly into the neighborhoods.  We choose a park that we deem underserved and we conduct a trash clean-up to improve the health of our environment.  We understand the need for beautifying our neighborhoods because we are the ones who live there.  This increases moral, confidence and responsibility for our Citizens. 



We have taken on the responsibility of getting our neighborhood Youth active again.  We give them access to health information while producing a day of health & spots activities.  We also give them an opportunity to showcase their talent to an audience of their peers.  Each year we choose a different block to spread the word of health and awareness.



We would like to thank our previous sponsors and supporters for helping us achieve our goals each year.

Northfield Bank, Brooklyn Nets
Airodart, Knickerbocker All Star
Masters Xperience, One Breath
Brooklyn Health Equity Foundation, Antonio Reynoso
Coca Cola, Liberty Coca Cola, Body Armor
NYC Health + Hospital, USTA, United States Tennis Association
Brooklyn District Attorney, Eric Gonzalez, NYC Mayor
PSAL, Essentia, Water
Pepsico, Clothed With Love
United States Marine Corps, Leaders Of The Hardwood
FDNY, Super Coffee
BK-Network, Both Sides Of The Violence
Jerry Joseph, Aktive Athletes Elite
Uncle Chase Foundation, Keep This Link
Fenix Community Fridge, Dumbo Moving Storage
Home Missions, NYC Mayor
Prayer Jam, Go Fish Ministries
Ridgewood Diagnostic Laboratory, Seal Of The City Of Brooklyn
Panera Bread, ZP
Healthy NYC, Rock Safe Streets
Kiwanis International, Matchpoint NYC
Coney Island Community Council, Coney Island Legends & Future Leaders
NDO Champ, Stop Gun Violence
Fun Bash,
Solidarity Movers, TOP Marketing Group
Claudia Lyons, Airodart
One Breath Sports And Entertainment, NYCHSBAA
Movement With Mel, Tre 21
Lazarus Limo, DJ ShowOff
Game Over, BNIA
TFWE, Creatives Cartel
ASQUI Ventures, Exousia Cathedral
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